A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Cherry Jelly Title 

Are you Ready to Escape from a dark and murky place?

Cherry Jelly is a plateformer made with Love and Passion. 

Created during a short jam session (24h only), we offer you a short and intense moment, to try to escape the fastest you can.

You can play with your keyboard or with a controller (Xbox || Sony compliant).

Because of our short dev time, the only tuto is here:

How To Play?

  • Keyboard:
    •     Jump: Space
    •     Run: Shift
    •     Move: A and D (Q and D for Azerty)
  • Controller:
    • Jump: A (Xbox), Cross (Sony)
    • Run:  R2
    • Move: Left Stick


Game Team:

  • Sylvain Bourgea (Level Design)
  • Cédric Charière Fiedler (Dev, Art, Sound, Level Design)
  • Alexandre Papin (Dev, Level Design)

External resources:

Have Fun!

Install instructions

To play, you only have to download the game and run it ;)


cherry-jelly-linux.zip 56 MB
cherry-jelly-win.zip 54 MB


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A nice little game. Wished it would be a bit longer but with a 24h timeframe this is insanely good!

Video is in german, you have been warned :D

What a neat game. I really enjoyed thisd although my trigger hand was a little achy afterwards but I did it in just over 10 minutes with 41 deaths. I can see this becoming a great speed run challenge.

good luck

wobblyfootgamer @yt

Very Happy to read that!

Do not hesitate to share with us your next runs ;)

Amazing game! I had to honor it by posting my speedrun.